Office Politics!

JusJoJan 2019, January 29th

I have always tried to close my mind doors to office politics. It can range anything between long email chain fights to inspiring a fellow worker to quit the organization. There is a mad rush of egoistic thoughts cramming in every brain cells of human beings which leads them to a stage of forgetting how sorry the life will be without having people around you who consider you as simply “good”! As a child I never understood politics of a country and from the news and comments I gathered around, i never really took any interest to understand politics. First time I heard about office politics, i was a little shaken. I term it is as a game of the smart heads going backwards. It can deeply impact a person’s morale when the office politics turn dirty! Yes, you heard it right – office politics can turn real dirty sometimes! Many organizations these days are bringing in customized policies to create awareness to each and every employee and encourage them to stand up against politics and raise concerns to the authorities who assess the case on fair basis and provide sensible solutions. Should such fair based policies do a good job in getting rid of mishaps seen in the politics of a land? Maybe our future generation will come up with such #CleanPolitics movements.

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