Gratitude: January Joys – Feels good to be lost in the right direction

It was a speedy January for me. The first half of the month i spent in Bengaluru, my Janma Bhoomi (Janma=birth, Bhoomi= land) visiting relatives and friends and enjoying the annual holidays. The weather was very pleasant with around 18 degrees during the day. I always feel proud to be a native Bengalurian. All good things come to an end very soon and so did my holiday season. Within the blink of an eye, I was already boarding the flight to return to my Karma Bhoomi (Karma=actions or existence, Bhoomi=land). It was an interesting journey from 20 degrees to 1 Degree Centigrade. Over the years, I have begun to love my karma bhoomi and made this my home with some good friends. I passionately believe in the simple equation – be good and do good to attract good people.
Though i have read several blogs, I am very new to this real blogging world. The idea of showing my gratitude at the end of each month made me joyous and this is my first ever gratitude collection. Hoping to make this a regular habit and to increase my count of blessings!
Parents Love – I could spend few weeks with my parents and took them to visit a couple of relatives and temples. I could feel their happiness to see me. I always feel guilty for being not able to stay close to them. We naturally look forward to these annual holidays. Celebrated Sankranti, harvest festival with them and had hoards of laughing speaking this and that.
Family – My twin boys K1 & K2 had good time with their school friends and got to celebrate the New Year’s eve with friends as well. It was a new experience for them. The boys watched few movies during the stay and visited relatives. It was amazing to watch how both of them could get along with their cousins, aunts and uncles and very easily indulge in casual and formal talks. Children do grow up! MKR had a bonus gala time spending in his native place visiting more relatives and friends.
Life essentials – My work had some unusual turns but i am 200% sure it is for good. So no regrets, but actually am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities. Money is the dear thing whether it is for rich or poor – received a surprisingly pleasant news with regards to money. I had relaxing and meaningful get-together with friends, although regret not meeting few of them.
Health – my lengthy health assessment in the respiratory clinic was a relief with nothing great to worry about. I promised myself to pay more attention to my health and adopt some natural & healthy life styles. It is amazing how every little to-be bad thing will bring in changes into our lives to become a better version of self.
Bliss – I joined the world of blogging!! Credits to my ever inspiring friend Shilpa! She can talk like 300 wpm but listening to her suggestions has always led to a flood of positiveness in my life. Hence when she urged me to blog and gave examples, i simply jumped into this ocean. Writing and reading has always been my true friends right from childhood. I have taken some baby steps writing some one and a half posts so far and i already feel so stress-free and accomplished. I aim to continue this journey of connecting my mind and eyes. Good to read and understand others perspectives as well. Shilpa! I owe you one.

Beauty and Bliss!

Ending note: The company of good friends, perhaps at a group activity or festival of some kind, contributes to a powerful feeling of good health, good fortune, and happiness. Enjoying this festival of reading and writing!

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8 thoughts on “Gratitude: January Joys – Feels good to be lost in the right direction

    1. Indeed! 🙂 I personally feel the main idea of this gratitude posts is to be thankful for the good things although life is hard at times. Reflecting on good will bring in strength to endure the challenges and turn it into opportunities. Thanks for your lovely comment.


    1. Hi Shubhra. Thanks for posting your comment. I did enjoy greatly with my parents. It is always a joyous period for a girl to be with her parents. 🙂 Hope you are having a blessed time as well.


  1. Nice post:) happy to read about your janma bhoomi experiences and the love you have for Karma bhoomi:) focussing on the good will always keep one happy, its a blessing to have family and friends to cheer, loved the picture of the money plant, I do have at home a few pots of this plant that spreads fast. wishing you a great month ahead.

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