Fair February – Great things never come from comfort zones!

February was a mixed bag of good and bad for me. It was a sine wave journey throughout the month with opportunities to take up new challenges, take a step back to reassess where I went wrong, sad demise of my uncle and the hope of listening to an unexpected tunes of tomorrow.

Family & Friends: My maternal uncle who was a great person, simple and with a helping nature suffered a few days in ICU and finally decided to leave us all. He was a great man and my family has high respect for him. My sons are going through some challenging days at their school which is bothering me, but having confidence in their thriving abilities and the support from us & teachers, they should soon conquer the fears and shine. Seeing a better tomorrow has always been helpful to me and works miracles. Made new friends at office who are no where closer to my age group but still it is a pleasant feeling. I remember a quote saying “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter”. I am learning from the vast experiences of the senior group and enjoying the fun and carefree nature of the junior ones – life is indeed a balancing act!
Work-o-holy: I got an opportunity to put on a new hat and take up brand new responsibilities at work. It is indeed a learn and do time and my experience from previous roles give me that strong platform to manage the hurdles. I am really thankful for this freshness in work! Trainings of all sorts have lined up with lots of travel. I particularly enjoy solo traveling – it is the time to meet strangers, have little talks and enjoy the new surroundings. Looking forward to the travel months of April & May!
Health: I have been blessed with good health and with Spring/Summer fast approaching, I am sure it will become better. Winter months take a toll on my health and my dates with my GP becomes frequent. I am glad the phase is soon going to end. 🙂 I have promised my soul to go strict on food habits and have a mindful eating.
Life essentials: I never shopped for any new clothes in February (happy)! Not that I am a shopping freak but tend to shop unnecessarily at times not only for me but also for my family! Looking forward to the yearly Kannadigas meetup in UK in March. It is the time when people from Karnataka who have now made their homes in UK come together and spend a day of togetherness, such meetups are very essential for those who are away from their motherland. It is such a commendable nature of human beings to form social circles where ever they live – social animals indeed!
Bliss: My steps in the blogging world have picked up their pace and I am very pleased with myself. I remembered the dialogue from the Bollywood movie “Jab We Met” where the female lead says ” I am my favourite”! Loving thyself is most important and crucial to all. Self challenges and striving to become a better version of ourselves is rewarding. Writing gratitude posts every month helps me to thank God for the numerous blessings I have and gradually overcome the feelings of hurt and sadness and free my heart and appreciate the wonder called life. Tree Love is an eternal love every living being should feel. Writing about trees is so refreshing and the lessons I try to intercept from them inspires me to become hopeful and have strength to face life. Writing to weekly/daily prompts often is fun and I enjoy the creativity it brings in.

To sum it all – February was jolly, good indeed!

Plant which chose to grow few selected leaves in different colour to enhance its beauty – little changes towards a beautiful life!

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4 thoughts on “Fair February – Great things never come from comfort zones!

  1. Shubhra Rastogi

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope your boys cope up with the hard times they are having and giving you. Enjoy all your travelling as travelling enriches us in many ways. And yes loving oneself is indeed an eternal bliss. Wish you a fab march as well.

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  2. Really sorry to hear about your uncle… and yes your sons will be fine soon and they have that ability.. enjoy travelling and exploring and blogging.. share your travel experiences here. Have a great March Anju.

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