Alphabet “A”

My strive to post few lines without using the letter “A”! Blog begins below..

The first thing which struck me when I think of topics to begin my journey of letters for this month is – will I ever survive till the end?
Difficult question indeed! But when I envision the route, I found stepping stones every where.

Well, how long do you think I will go on like this? The forbidden thing needs to be brought out isn’t it? How is this test even successful till now? Why don’t I just write it? God forbid my funny instincts.

This is difficult, but nobody wins over me without my permission not even the letter!
Being in this circle of bloggers itself is joyously funny coupled with enriching experiences. But diving into such silly, suspense-filled writing is one big detective-like feeling for sure.
Phew! I seemed to do well till now with huge smiles of fulfillment. Will there be excitement till the end?
Let me jot down the list of six things which inspired me in this write-up:

  1. childish joy
  2. do the impossible
  3. confuse others 😉
  4. enjoy writing
  5. test thyself
  6. indulge fully in this festive blogging

Come to think of it! It looks like I conquered the forbidden letter, yet my words keep flowing endlessly without “it’s” divine presence. I doubt if this is even obvious to everyone by now?
Going Nuts?!

I proved the point which I set to prove. “Completely finished” is my most currently liked sentence. Honestly, I never felt this to be so difficult.
I think I did it well, don’t you? Go on test me, count the forbidden letter in my post. Or better pose for such silly tests, try it without blinking eyelids, rejoice when you complete!
When you run out of solutions, the question itself could be your solution. I did it once more!!

Just three little words on my first post – jolly good indeed!

Hope you enjoyed going through my post like how I enjoyed writing every bit of it.

4 thoughts on “Alphabet “A”

    1. Hi Blythe! Loved your comment. 🙂 Although i must say this experiment was only for the first letter. Since my lethargic trait made me write without actually deciding on the subject for the grand opening day. From today on wards, it will be the usual myriad rantings hopefully. I will try to make it interesting as much as possible though. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it greatly. Will certainly have a look at your post sometime today.

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