Reading books are a great way to get relieved from stress, enter a world of powerful imagination associated with some form of learning. My reading habits started when I was a child and used to visit my Granny’s house during Summer holidays. My Grandmother, uncles and aunts – everybody in the household are voracious readers. I developed my reading addiction watching them read, read and read. I did have loads of fun as well and always wished my kids would get the same chillaxed (chill + relax = chillax!) feeling! But unfortunately times have changed and kids these days prefer gadgets for everything. Even to read books, they prefer Kindle more than a paper back. Anyways, I will dedicate my post today on a book review. It is a very simple story about an orphan girl with extraordinary imaginations and writing ability, hoping to get educated and become an author in her life. A quick look at Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster.

Why read this book?

This book is probably not like the usual ones you would have read, and definitely not the best selling ones as compared to recent times. There are no dramatic dialogues, no violence and for sure no heated romances. But it lures you to read all the way till the last page and trust me you will enjoy every bit of the twists and turns that appear in the story.

As a writer, it is very important to find a way to give life to the characters by providing an unique persona, which will remain in the reader’s mind for long. Unlike the normal stories, there are no chapters or plots but the entire story is nothing but Jerusha’s letters to Daddy long legs, which means that we get to see the story spinning from her point of view. And her views are simply amazing!

Jerusha Abbot is an orphan girl full of dreams and aspirations, wanting to progress and become the best she can in spite of all the life’s difficulties. She has a great sense of humor and can effectively speak out her feelings through her letters to her secret benefactor. Best part is her personality – that is something which we can all feel identified with and enjoy with a smile and a frown at times.

Jerusha (aka Judy) exhibits her natural talent at writing through her funny descriptions of the orphanage with a touch of harsh reality, takes us on a journey of her collegiate education and her awe-filled entry into the literary world of reading and writing books. The author emphasizes in this story a great opinion that everyone, no matter what his/her origins are, can still find success and happiness in life when destiny provides an opportunity.

It is a sad thing to note that this book was not famous nor widely known. When I mention about how good this book is, most people give a blank stare and say they haven’t heard of such a book. It is a book which can be read and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Hope my post inspires atleast a few to read this book and appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Daddy-Long-Legs!

  1. Liz A.

    There was a movie of the same name which has a plot that’s similar… Although that one was a vehicle for Fred Astaire. Sounds like this is an interesting book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by. That is nice to know a movie was also made. Let me know more details on the movie, I would love to watch it too. As for the book, if possible, go for it. I am sure you’ll enjoy it.


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