Gracefully Marched!

I am going to tag my post for the letter G to the monthly gratitude circle featured by Vidya Suri. It is always a nice feeling to count our blessings and feel contented and thankful. This will help us get rid of negative feelings and make us a better version of ourselves.

My March was peaceful and steady. It was my birthday month and so I can never complain about March. πŸ™‚ I had the opportunity to catch up with friends and other wider community families during a social gathering which was really pleasant. Here’s how I marched through the month of March —

Work – Let me begin with my work space. I had the good fortune to celebrate my work anniversary as well during this month. It is such a warm spirit to feel belong to an organization which is like a second family and also our bread provider. In Sanskrit language we say Annadatha Sukhi Bhava! as a form of blessing to the ones who feed us with food. This translates as – He who feeds us with food grains shall live in happiness and prosperity. Over these years of my career life, I always cherish my work with utmost respect and have cordial acquaintances with my colleagues. This is one of the priceless blessing for which I am ever grateful to the almighty!

Family & Friends – It is bliss to receive birthday wishes from family and friends and neighbours and colleagues and ofcourse all the greetings from the banks and insurance companies and network providers etc. πŸ™‚ Surprisingly, I never felt those emails as spam: man-o-man!! My father has started using technology and send me little messages and photos from his smart phone. I feel so nice and cheerful to read his messages without spaces in between words, commas and exclamations seen where it should not be etc. But I wait for his cute and innocent messages which brings a smile on my face. His messages are getting better and better and he promoted himself by making a video call on my birthday.. what more priceless gift can a daughter living in a far away land get on her day? I had been to a Kannada Sangha anniversary here – it is a home sweet home kind of feeling when you get to see your own community and hear your mother tongue being spoken all around and not to forget all the good food. The members were all mostly from the field of medicine ranging from surgeons to consultants to GPs. Cultural programs took away our breaths. Such unique and perfection was displayed in every dance, drama, fusion songs – I still wonder how did those doctors find time to practice and present such entertaining programs and not to forget all the colourful traditional costumes/props which are hard to find in this land. As the age old saying goes – where there is a will there is a way!

My Time – I am happy writing away a post or two and reading all the interesting blogs and poems and photo features and haiku etc. People are so talented – each one of them! We should really thank for this precious life on earth and try to help and lead a harmonious life with people. As the Airtel’s (one of the Indian mobile network provider) tagline goes – har ek friend zaroori hota hai which means every friend of us is needed in this life. Music has been my best friend always, I have taken an addiction to Karnatic Classics and my mind loved me more for this. I did some volunteering work to help a charity cause which brought immense peace to me – made me think I should involve in such activities often. When we give to others, that calm and settled feeling we experience is the essence of our very existence, which we can never get even after earning Lakhs and Lakhs of currencies. So, friends from my blog-o-sphere please do involve in charity works or help those in need as much as possible – this good karma will surely stay with you and your family for long.

As my blog title says, I could gracefully March with my head held high up – absolutely no complaints or regrets at all. Looking forward to April without much expectations. Life should be experienced and enjoyed one day at a time – I try hard to follow this and one day I will succeed. πŸ™‚

Wishing you all an April filled with A2Z feelings! Good luck to all those who have taken a brave plunge into the waters of A2Z challenge.

5 thoughts on “Gracefully Marched!

  1. I love gratitude posts and gratitude in general!
    I was grasping yesterday about something…I just had this feeling of needing something and once I realized it, I employed my magic weapon-gratitude!- and came back to my usual state of flow. Magic ❀
    Your dad sounds very sweet! Happy Belated Birthday!

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words and wishes. Glad that you were able to benefit from the magic of gratitude. Dads are truly sweet and I am sure every daughter will agree with me. πŸ™‚ Will read all your posts on A2Z this week. Keep smiling! πŸ™‚

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