Keep Calm story…

Keep Calm messages are so common these days that we get to see so many customized forms to suit almost all occasions. It is amazing how a message which has so much profound meaning turned into a trending tagline. Keep Calm messages are printed on shirts, greeting cards, coffee mugs, bags, key rings and all possible stuff. I don’t remember seeing these messages a few years before. My curiosity on Keep Calm never allowed me to keep calm and as a result today’s post came up into this blog-o-sphere of mine.

Yes, this is what I said!

Keep Calm and Carry On message has a history dating back to the World War II era. It is of British origin, framed to motivate the people during the Nazi attacks – a form of publicity or an urgent plea to the citizens by the British Government. There were 3 posters which were designed during the WWII, however this Keep Calm poster was never actually published because it seemed to pass conflicting ideas to people and raised questions on why should they keep calm and move on when in reality it was the time to get united and fight for the country’s sake. The message looked more of a survivalist form which ought to be reserved during the situations of losing a battle. The other posters got distributed all over the country to pep up the spirit of people. These 3 posters were created in the year 1939, but was soon forgotten for almost 60+ years after that. Story goes that this poster came into light during the year 2000 in a book auction. Apparently, one these poster was found underneath the books and the new owners thought of reviving and spreading the message to today’s world. By 2005, the poster got a new life and the crimson coloured poster soon became viral and became a common sight in London and others parts of UK, which quickly spread in other places as well.

Original 3 posters

Few creative & funny adaptations of the posters from modern days can be seen as below;

Hope you can keep calm and move on to alphabet L after reading this post. Do share a comment or two about any such eye-catching posters or slogans you would have come across.

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