Ode to Organic Farming..

Organic Vegetables and fruits, even organic clothing and cosmetics are the trend of today’s health-conscious world. Organic products are super expensive but also the most preferred products by people. It is a fast growing popular method of farming, be it in large scale or just the terrace gardening in city houses.

All of us do understand that plant products grown in the absence of chemicals, pesticides and other harmful fertilizers, in short plant products grown in very natural ways are labelled as organic. However, on reading deeper about this topic, I got to know that Organic Farming also do use fertilizers derived largely from animal and plant wastes like manure. Organic Farming originated in the early 20th Century and strictly followed the concepts like cover crops, crop rotation, and biologically based pest controls. Due to the natural ways of growing, the yield is usually lower as compared to the conventionally grown products. But this fact is counter balanced by the higher market prices sold to the consumers.

How do the consumers believe the products they purchase are indeed organic? This is where the government regulations came into picture. Every country has their own board of certifications which assess the products carefully, approve and mark them as organic. At each and every stage of farming, there are natural methods involved. I was surprised to know that lady bugs are used to destroy the pests which invade the plants instead of spraying chemicals over the plants. Weeds are either manually removed or by means of using heat to kill the weeds which is known as flame weeding or sometimes by letting geese eat them up. This is so very earth friendly and helps bring in the right balance to our ecological system.

There are numerous benefits by turning to organic farming ways. As a consumer, I have decided to support the organic farming by purchasing these products. Although the prices do look higher when compared to our usual ones, this is actually a smart move and adds up to long term savings. Good health means medical expenses are minimized, which is indeed a huge savings. Organic farming is another massive attempt to reduce the global warming and paint our dear Earth in a healthy shade of green!

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