Power of a Pause

Some days I end up doing numerous tasks in my enthusiasm to complete every single task at work. As a result, I have realised that I end up taking double the time to complete a job. I am always on rush, literally doing a job-hopping and forgetting details in between! Very soon I will be closer to the state of “Jack of all and Master of none!” High time to press the Pause button in life..

Life happens! Everyone needs a break from time-to-time.

No amount of noting down things on post-its helped me. I started prioritizing my tasks which kind of took away my pressures for a short period of time. That’s when I came across a quote – Sometimes you need to pause in order to move forward! The first thing I did was to bring in some strict changes to my routine. Nowadays, I take a compulsory 20mins break during lunch hour and take a walk outside. Fortunately, there is a huge Biodiversity park near my office and being Summer, I can see many pause-seekers like me wandering around.

Stopping for sometime gives us the required time to think and plan my approach to deal with things. A pause sometimes could also be my moment’s medicine to get a grip on myself to recover, recharge and rejuvenate.

Below are list of 10 reasons to press that Pause button in life –

  1. when you feel you are struck and unable to progress further
  2. when you are juggling with a complicated task which is going to take a very long time to complete
  3. when you find yourself lacking behind your peers almost always, pause and ponder to learn lessons
  4. when you are rushing things and end up making mistakes
  5. when you do not understand a particular task and not confident enough to take the responsibility
  6. when you are fighting with other challenges of life, which is draining all your energy
  7. when you find yourself doing a job that you do not enjoy, press that button!
  8. when your health is under storm, take a break – nothing is more important than taking care of health
  9. when your life or profession demands you to make some crucial decisions, take a pause without hesitation to calm yourself first & finally…
  10. take a break to enjoy with friends and family – each of us have a life out of the 9-5 job

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