Quotable Quotes..

Being a holiday weekend and having a house full of people, non-stop cooking, laughter, discussions etc. have made me lose my mind temporarily. I realised about my situation only after I published a post few mins back again on the alphabet P!! Can you believe it??!! Luckily, I still had the day going and quickly decided to post another one on the ruling letter of the day “Q”. I still can’t believe I did this mistake but seeing 2 posts on the letter P is a solid proof of my silliness. What more can I say? When I have struggling some days just to finalize on a topic, come up with some points around it and then type as best as I can, I kind of got stuck trying to understand all about pingbacks (ofcourse, I got to know what it is now) and typed and retyped and reformatted etc.

So, I am going to go easy on today’s Q post. I initially thought of writing something on Que sera sera, but my absent-mindedness drained me out and I opted to keep it simple for now. We hear quotable quotes right from our childhood. Quotes itself speak a lot through the effective choice of words used in them. What is so special to quote the quotes again? My strong guess is quotable quotes have the ability to leave strong impressions on the minds of readers from ages. This was the best possible answer I could find for myself. Please do comment your view on what’s so special about quotable quotes. Another learning of me is – a person who loves to read and collect quotes extensively is called a Quodophile – sounds similar to a pedophile.. scary! But there are so many websites which are Quodophile in nature and has loads of quotes available for download. Few best examples are Google, twitter, Pinterest etc. Quotes play a very important role in each one’s life as it has the power to greatly sync into our current situations and help us come out of our problems bravely. I will now end my rather hazy post for today by posting one or two quotes. Signing off folks! Enjoy the holidays.

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