When I was in school, I used to dream of going to school in casual dresses just like the grown ups do, instead of the ironed pinafores and white collared blouses with a sleek tie and a badge with the school emblem pinned on top of the tie. Not to forget the neatly plaited hairs all tied up with a ribbon bow, ankle length white socks and polished black shoes. I used to feel it as a special punishment given only to school kids! Now, when I look back, I feel nostalgic and sadness fills my heart missing the coolest school uniform.

My longing towards school uniforms made me pull together some of the best reasons to love and respect the uniforms –

  • uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes
  • they create a level playing field among students, reducing bias, pressure and bullying amongst students
  • wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit
  • uniforms improve attendance and discipline among the young minds
  • uniform policies are easier to enforce than any other standard dress code
  • uniforms prevent the display of flashy colors and unwanted show-offs but helps focus more on academic studies and learn self discipline
  • uniforms make getting ready for school easier and can help a student understand the importance of being punctual and respects time
  • uniforms may reduce crime rates and increase student safety as a child wearing uniform can be easily identified by the general public and provide help if and when needed
  • lastly, uniforms can save parents money as they don’t have to worry about buying many dresses for their children during the schooling years

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