Yawn Talks…

Yawning is a bodily action of vertebrates. The dictionary meaning says yawning is an involuntary opening of the mouth with respiration- breathing first inward, then outward. Before I completed writing this post of mine, I have yawned approximately 27 times. Very yawny subject indeed!


Most of us know that yawning is very contagious. But there are other facts associated to yawn which brings a yawn to others as if by magic!! Yawn is a magical phenomenon. Let’s have a look at some of the facts of yawning –

  • even unborn babies yawn – fetus which is just 20 weeks old have been caught yawning on the 4D ultra sound scan
  • if we think only human yawn then we really need to wake up – animals also yawn more louder and wider than us
  • yawning is directly proportional to cold air – next winter observe your yawns getting more prominent as compared to warmer months
  • yawning helps cool down the brain – an open-mouthed yawn causes sinus walls “to expand and contract like a bellows, pumping air onto the brain, which lowers its temperature instantly
  • we yawn when we are bored of listening, reading or watching something probably from a long time
  • a common type of yawn can last around 6 seconds and our heart rate increases very significantly during this 6 secs of time
  • i am sure you must have yawned atleast once while reading this post – what a yawny post!
  • yawning is highly contagious. I can yawn just by seeing any yawn scenes on the TV or cinemas. I could yawn just by thinking or reading about yawn – such a super power!
  • best thing is we tend to catch yawning for sure when our near or dear ones yawn – human beings are social animals indeed! We need buddies to have a good yawn!!
  • Excessive yawning is a ‘rare’ symptoms of heart conditions. Too much Yawning might signify brain illnesses as well.
  • Yawning can help athletes prepare well prior to a competition. Since yawning cools the brain the athlete will be able to improve his concentration and attention span prior to the race. Advise your children or friends to go on a yawning spree just before their athletic events to ensure winning the first prize
  • there is a proper word in the Oxford dictionary for the act of yawning known as “oscitation”
  • one of the main and mostly found reasons for yawning is boredom

I am sure you must be yawning by now. 🙂 I have decided to read this post of mine on the days when I am deprived of sleep! We now know what yawning does to us. The next time when we come across a teacher disciplining a student because of yawning in the class, let us make them aware that yawning happened just to cool down the brain in order to understand the subject taught.Help the teacher enjoy a good yawn too! 😉 Happy yawning!

2 thoughts on “Yawn Talks…

    1. Absolutely Lael! Humans are complicated and yet funny! 🙂 I am missing the A2Z days now actually. Need to work my way through the reflections post. Hope you are enjoying the sun at your home too.

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