Today’s post is a sequel to my yesterday’s yawn! It sort of perfectly fit together – yawn and then ZZZzzzz. Here I go, I made it clear on what I intend to write today – Sleep ofcourse!! I am a great fan of comics, right from my school days till today. In comics and also in recent times emojis, series of Z’s are shown to indicate that a person is in deep slumber. What does Z’s got to do with sleep? Z isn’t associated with sleeping, in particular, but rather with the snoring sounds. Snore can be heard in different forms and modulations and rhythms, it is not very apt to put a few Z’s to show a person is snoring! How unfair can that be? But, give it a think realistically – if we had to put words to describe snoring then maybe it could be something like:
gasp-choke-grunt-chew-cackle-smack-chuckle-snort! Easier is it?? I guess we should just agree that a simple Z is good enough. And this representation dates back from 1920’s – it seems to be a tried and tested formation. Comics became the principal founders of Z vector in association to sleep/snore.

Few studies also mention that series of Z’s were used to represent a man cutting wood. The sawing sound seemingly is closer to Zzzzz says the internet theory. Anyways, this action of Z is not very popular as compared to our favourite snoring away!

People have even gone to deep debates on why Z’s are used to express snoring. One such justification which I read was quite interesting and nearer to convincing. The justification given is – as Z is the last alphabet, so is our sleep the last act of the day and so Z’s just mean “the end of the day”. Now, this might lead to more arguments, as Z was not always the last alphabet. Personally, I like to keep it simple and agree with the theory of snoring sounds like a series of Z’s. Again, snoring can vary from region to region and need not exactly sound like Z’s. However, it is the age-old convention to show the act of sleeping/snoring and has been deep tuned in our minds to accept this. Final statement from me is – when I am in deep sleep, I don’t really care if I snore Zzzzz or Yyyyy, so I am happy as far as the Zzzz’s do not disturb my sweet sleep. 🙂 Happy Zzzzzzzing!


4 thoughts on “ZZZzzzzz…..

    1. Haha Frederique! Isn’t that funny.. snoring word itself brings in a cheeky smile on our faces. Z is the real saviour, else imagine we had to say all those giggle-chuggle words and end up snoring ourselves. 🙂


    1. Hi Shilpa. So good to see you online. Hope you are doing well and Anagha is able to sleep well! 🙂 I somehow made it Shilpa, all thanks to your constant encouragement and tips.In fact i was so zombie-like that i wrote 2 posts for the alphabet P, without realizing I had already written one!
      This was a trial show for me. I will plan and execute it better next year.


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