S(weet) K(hara) Anjana

Namaskara (Salutations)! SK are my initials, in India there is a practice of using initials with the name instead of the forename surname format. when I was a little one, my uncle said I am a Sweet and Khara (Spicy) Anjana. I liked his way of describing me. 🙂

Even after starting to write a post or two, I procrastinated filling this bit of about me matter. Finally, I made a brave attempt to say Hi to the blogging world in the proper sense. I am a simple minded person, and a dreamer in nature. From childhood, I enjoyed reading books – this gave me wings of words and more words! Few years back I scribbled a line or 2 from my vivid imagination and convieniently named it as poems – this was my first form of writing and I love myself for this attempt.

Being a mother of twin boys and immersed in the big bad world of IT, blogging was just so out of my reach. All thanks to my friend Shilpa who one day prompted and influenced me to write seriously and more regularly, emphasising on all the possible feel-good factors by doing so. Through past experiences, it has been my strong belief that I benefit greatly whenever I act upon her suggestions. With her guidance, I bravely entered the world of blogging and slowly started loving the journey.

Me and my boys!

Other than writing, I am a nature lover – nature also includes people. I can simple sit in any bus stop or a bank or any public place and watch people for hours (I am perfectly normal!). My sons are my Gurus and I enjoy experiencing the world through their eyes. My husband for some reason trust my abilities more than myself, which is sometimes taxing to me as he says I can do this and that and I just want to hide deep inside my shell.

With my few months of blogging, I am blessed to have grown my own little network of blogging friends with whom I share one or two similar likings and appreciate the flavours of life! Hoping to hold tightly onto this wonderful and enriching experience of thoughts and words.

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