Circle of Life..

Life is comprised of little moments put together! It is rather interesting to note, what brings joy to someone can be gloomy to another or today’s suffering might become a reason of happiness and joy the next year and so on. I was watching Lion King movie recently and the famous phrase “Circle of Life” caught my attention. Life is indeed a circle!

20 years ago, I wished and dreamed of a lucrative job with a tempting salary, a loving family, a life in a foreign country, double degree, a house of my own with a little garden and to pursue few of my passions.

Today, after 20 years, when I have been living most of my dreams well, I look back and so longingly wish I was that immature girl who hesitated to speak boldly in front of people, a happy-go-lucky gal surrounded by friends, exams and giggles. I wish I could turn the clocks and live that carefree life without having to worry about projects, promotions, taxes, children, never had to plan for tomorrow’s breakfast.. phew! the list continues. Life..! Maybe this is what I call a Circle of Life.

To think of it, this circle of life might continue 20 years later. I might as well enjoy today and feel thankful for the gift of life and my share of experiences!

I received this tag from Rohan at RohanKachalia and itโ€™s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Geetanjali at OfThisThatAndMore. There are 28 of us on this Blog Hop posting our stories and thoughts over 3 days โ€“ 1, 2, 3 November. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be surprised! Join the fun club for the fourth edition of #WordsMatter.

24 thoughts on “Circle of Life..

    1. Very true! Human beings are probably the only species which are hard to find self contentment in life! We need to change our perception from Grass is greener on the other side to Grass is greener where you water! Have a good day ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. We are never fully content are we? But I am of the opinion that once we reach that point of being fully content, we will invariably stop living. Because living is all about hoping and desiring, right?

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  2. My life is less stressful now that I’m retired and my children grown. I’ve come full circle back to art and writing and doing things I love. It’s not care free, but I am grateful for more freedom. Looking back it seems like the years flew by reminding me of the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” But the years are still flying. Enjoy these moments of your life in the big, wide circle. Thanks for the follow!

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    1. Thanks for sharing about your life JoAnna! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is nice you are enjoying your time doing art and writing. I wish I am able to pursue more of my hobbies – real thirst quenchers for me. Have a blessed life!


  3. Obsessivemom

    This has been a wonderful prompt in that it pushed us to look back and appreciate our journey. Like you said most of us have achieved at least some of the dreams we dreamt 20 years ago. So that’s something to be happy and proud about. As for wanting to go back to that time – that’s just us humans, always wanting what we don’t have.


  4. Natasha

    Yes life comes a full circle. It’s easy to succumb to the memories of the past and want them to come flooding back into our lives yet again. But I guess it’s best to cherish those and be grateful for the present moment, and all that we have.

    Makes life simpler and helps as live each moment as it comes.

    First time on your blog, Anjana. Interesting thoughts indeed.

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    1. Very true Sunita. Maybe that’s why today is called as present (a gift!). We need to just live for today and look forward to tomorrow carrying with us all the lessons learnt from yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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