Cultivate Contentment

Happiness can be achieved in different ways. Some feel happy just by eating their favourite food or meeting friends, some find happiness by earning money, living a life of luxury and yet some find it difficult to find happiness as their mountain of wants is vast and stretches beyond the horizon.

As human beings we pass through different stages of seeking happiness. We earn, spend and try to compare our life with others, feel miserable at times and finally when we start tasting happiness, it could either be for all the wrong reasons or it is too late because of deteriorating health or so. In our constant battle of trying to live our dreams, we often forget to enjoy the small things which are already bestowed upon us.

If I could recieve one gift, it would be the gift of self-contentment! Seeking happiness in oneself is the most common thing which I have been reading and trying to adopt. I was remembering the conversations I used to have with my great grandmother during my childhood days and realised even though she was not much educated nor had any exposure to outside world, she led a pure life of contentment. I have never seen her seeking pleasure in jewellery or wanting to visit places or even thriving for new clothes. Very simple and thoughtful soul she was. She had mastered the art of appreciating her life and felt content with whatever she had. The glow in her face at the age of 90+ years was amazing and I can guarantee she never used any skin care products. Happiness is not about collecting material things or creating memories. It’s about having a deep feeling of contentment and knowing that life is a blessing in itself! Appreciation, gratitude are some forms to attain contentment. Most of the times we pursue happiness, but in reality we are actually fleeing from contentment. I have started giving little pauses in life whenever I feel I need to buy some dress or a bag etc., and think if it is really essential to buy the product. Am I going to benefit greatly if I have it with me? Most of the times, the answers are harsh realities saying there is nothing great I will achieve by possessing it. I can easily live without it or would already have something similar with me. Period! It is tough, but a little feeling of gratitude helps in attaining contentment.

Have you ever gone looking for something, only to realise you had it with you the whole time? Share your views and spread the joy of finding self-contentment in life.

I received this tag from Pragya Bhatt @ yoga with pragya and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Geethica @ Thoughts by Geethica . There are 25 of us on this Blog Hop posting our stories and thoughts over 3 days – 6, 7, 8 December. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and join the celebration of words! Join the fun club for the fifth edition of #WordsMatter.

7 thoughts on “Cultivate Contentment

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  2. YIkes! This also is a good gift to ask for. But, honestly, I have heard more people complain in their old age about things that they didn’t do rather than what they did do. So contentment means very different things for different people, I guess.

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    1. Definitely Jyothi! Thoughts and perceptions change from person to person. My great granny was very contented and when I now recall the time I have spent with her, I feel so inspired to learn her ways of looking at life!
      Thanks for reading my post. 🙂


  3. A sense of contentment is so hard to achieve but once you are there, I am sure there’s nothing more to get. I am on the way and content in so many ways but still sometimes feel weak. Again the circle starts and I remind myself to be back on track.


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