Alzheimer’s care!

It is April and my mind is divided into 2 main parts. One with all the on-going COVID-19 discussions and the other part was frantically searching for a theme for the A2Z Challenge. I missed posting the theme reveal blog post and hence thought will reveal my theme in my first post itself. From past few days I kept hearing the phrase sharing is caring which is so true. My immediate thought was to frame my A-Z posts on care. So, yes I chose my theme as A-Z of Care for this year’s A-Z Challenge.

One of my close relative suffered from dementia and had to stay in a care home. That’s when I got to know about the different types of care which is available for people under various situations. Today, being the A day, let me share my knowledge gained on alzheimer’s care. As the name goes, this type of care is given for patients suffering from the age related disease known as Alzheimer’s. It is a form of dementia affecting areas in the brain that control thought, memory and language. Facing Alzheimer’s disease is very stressful for both the patient and family members. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, and patients will need more care and support as time passes.

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can often seem to be a series of grief experiences as we watch our loved one’s memories disappear and skills erode. A care home stay becomes inevitable at some stage and is strongly recommended to keep the elders under the care of trained caretakers who know how to support such patients.

Few main points to follow while providing care for such patients are –

  • Avoid becoming frustrated – patience is the key!
  • Keep communication short, simple, and clear – treat them like children!
  • Speak slowly
  • Use repetition as much as necessary – remember their brain is shrinking!
  • Find a different way to say the same thing
  • Keep a sense of structure and familiarity
  • Involve them in daily activities as much as they are able to – simple things like reading newspaper, playing a word game or listening to songs together will help greatly!
  • Plan time outdoors – a little diversion in routine brings back the freshness and curiosity!

It is very hard for the elders suffering from this disease and it is more of a emotional and physical drain for the family members to take care of them. Care-takers need an equally strong support system and some amount of training to deal with the degenerating minds.

Alzheimer’s care givers ride the world’s biggest fastest, scariest, emotional roller-coasters every day – Bob DeMarco

4 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s care!

    1. Hi Rich, Iam sorry to hear about your friend’s condition. My heartfelt prayers and wishes to you on your kindness and care towards your friend. God bless! Thanks for stopping by to read my post.


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