Eye care

a2z challenge

Good vision helps us perform well—at home, at work, or behind the wheels. It is very important to take proper care of eyes every day.

Few highly recommended ways to maintain and take care of our eyes –

  1. Eat well – try an Eye-Protective diet! Sounds interesting? A varied, colorful, plant-based diet keeps eyes healthy. undefined
  2. Wear sun glasses – keep those harmful UV rays away!
  3. Manage blood sugar levels – high blood sugar causes cataracts and damages the blood vessels of retina, leading to blindness
  4. Exercise – go for a walk, maintain healthy body weight
  5. Get a good night sleep – good rest will support the health of eyes
  6. Say Hi to eye doctor regularly – even young children need regular eye exam! It is the best way to protect eyesight – eye exams can spot diseases like glaucoma and helps in getting the required treatment early on
  7. Say no to smoking – free radicals (chemicals) generated from smoking damages the eyes, and increases the risk of arterial disease
  8. Wash hands often – washing hands with a mild soap and drying it thoroughly with a lint-free towel prevents eye infections causing germs and bacteria from entering the eyes surface. This is one common way people catch colds—rubbing their eyes while they have cold virus germs on their hands
  9. Devices and blue light – constant viewing of digital devices/screens can cause severe eye problems. Take a break and blink often while watching computer screens
  10. Exercise for eyes – change focus from near to far and back again, cover one eye and look at different objects, focus on a single object & follow a pattern (say figure 8) to build vision muscles

Carrots and papaya should be consumed often in order to nourish eyes. Applying a fine line of camphor based kajal (form of eye liner) soothes the eyes, however this is more applicable for women. 🙂 Keeping a circularly cut cucumber pieces on top of closed eyelids brings in some amount of freshness and relaxes the tensions around the eye muscles. Most importantly in this modern lifestyle, avoid staring at computer/mobile screens for long – this will definitely improve the health of eyes to a great extent.

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