Home nursing care

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For those wishing to remain in the comfort of their own home, and retain independent living, nursing care at home is an option worth considering. Home nursing care is becoming increasingly popular with many families opting for it for their parents and elders. “Home care”, “home health care”, “in-home care” are some of the phrases used interchangeably to refer any type of care given to a person in their own houses. It is however worth noting that “home health or home nursing care” is the skilled nursing care and “home care” means non-medical care.

Home nursing carers provide personal, nursing and medical assistance to individuals within the comfort of their own home, ensuring the person who is in need of the care can remain in a comfortable and familiar environment. Nursing care at home ranges from a one hour visit per day to several visits per day and in some cases the nurse might be asked to stay in the person’s home itself for short or long term depending on the need.

The benefits of home care:

  • Reduces the risk of staying away from home environment which sometimes can lead to depression and anxiety
  • Staying at home in familiar surroundings can maintain a sense of wellbeing and secure feeling
  • Enables and still retains a sense of independent living
  • Cost effective alternative to residential care (based on the care package opted)
  • Keeps the family together which increases emotional strength and leads to quick recovery
  • Maximises freedom and comfort
  • Professional hospital-like care between the walls of a home

A home carer is a trained nurse who would have to adapt to the home and members of the family whilst looking after the person. As a family member, it is good to treat the carer with kindness and respect. The carer should be made to feel comfortable and belonged in the household.

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