Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow!

Happy New Year to dear Bloggers!

After hibernating for few months, the trees near my house swayed and swooshed and made me realise I do enjoy writing some words. Parul’s TreeLove has and will always be my first blog love and I decided to resume my journey from this very platform.

A large Oak tree is just a little acorn that refused to give up!” I had been to a temple in Birmingham and found this lovely oak tree in the temple premises. This time it was not the leaves or the flowers which attracted me but the fruits – the little acorns made me curious and I stopped by to click a few photographs! Being a movie buff, the first thing I recalled was the Ice Age movie and imagined Scrat, the squirrel with an acorn! Probably I got introduced to acorns through that movie.

The oak tree I found was short and lovely with lush green leaves which were pretty distinctive, a very round-lobed and full of green acorns. Oaks are iconic trees in United Kingdom and is a national symbol of strength. Mythology says that couples were wed under ancient oaks in olden times. Oak is also the emblem of many environmental groups.

Acorns or the oaknuts are the fruits of oak tree and are very much edible, the favourite food of many animals too as they are large, specially attractive and filling to animals. Squirrels, rodents, pigeons, deers, bears and many other animals from small to big feast on acorns.

Some interesting facts I learnt about Oaks & Acorns – thanks to internet!

  • Oaks shorten with age in order to extend their lifespan – be small and humble as you grow old
  • Oaks are linked with royalty – ancient kings and Roman Emperors wore crowns of oak leaves
  • Oaks produce one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet – next time youbuild a house, think of using oak timber maybe!
  • Acorns have been used to make flour for bread making – now, this is tempting!
  • Acorns are also famous for frequently being used as a coffee substitute during World War II times – I do have a coffee addict in my house..!
  • Leaves, bark and acorns were believed to heal many medical ailments, including diarrhoea, inflammation and kidney stones and the most likeable one of mine..
  • Oaks are tough fighters – carbon-locking qualities of this species are crucial in the fight against climate change! Now we know why Oaks symbolises strength and vitality.
Finally Scrat seems to have got his favourite Acorn in IceAge – a true love story indeed!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the little acorn and the mighty Oak. Happy to be a part of Parul’s photo featured Tree Love blog.

5 thoughts on “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow!

  1. I’ve always liked oaks and acorns, but didn’t realizing how fascinating acorns were. I have an oak tree in front of my house that leaves plenty of acorns. Maybe I’ll look into trying some acorn coffee or flour.

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  2. Anjana, I am so glad to read that the Thursday Tree Love brought you back to blogging. I loved reading about the Oak and acorn and that wealth of information you shared. I haven’t seen an Oak yet but one day I will 🙂
    Until then – your post will stay with me. Thanks a bunch for joining and I hope to see you back on the 28th. Take care!

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