Power of Imaginations

Nature is imagination itself. -William Blake

This is one of the favourite trees near my house. I love seeing this tree and click a photo or two everytime I pass by it. This particular photograph made me think of the clipart found on the internet – a multi-tasking woman having many hands and each hand is busy accomplishing a responsibility. The branches of this tree is spread to all directions looks as if the tree is so busy providing pure air, cool shade and a splendid view to all directions – a 360 degrees coverage!

Below is the pic of the multi-tasking woman which in my imagination felt so similar to the tree. I know my imaginations sometimes are quite extreme, but what’s life without imaginations and creativity! Hope my post brought a little smile to the readers. 🙂

Happy to share my TreeLove by joining Parul’s photo blog feature which occurs every 2nd and 4th Thursday of a month.

4 thoughts on “Power of Imaginations

  1. I’m glad the tree was allowed to grow this way and do its thing. It reminds me of how I have many interests, but I imagine the tree somehow has more time than me or the woman in the picture.

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