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Curtain raiser

Hello Folks! This is my first time taking part in A to Z Challenge, in fact Iam a freshman to the blogging world!

My close friend spoke lots about this challenge and motivated as always for me to signup. I am very happy though to embark on this alphabetical journey and connect it with interesting stuff from my world. Today, being the Theme Reveal day, I have been pondering about this from past few days. It is my universal confusion when asked to select stuff on my own from the vast Galaxy rather than have a ready-made list of Yes/No options and a little tick mark to finish the task! Software is making me brain-lazy too!

My theme for this year will be World as I see through my eyes! I intend to post little blah-blahs, poems, fictions from the observations, imaginations and experiences my brain cells have experienced. I am promising myself to plan and survive to the best of my ability. This is a wonderful opportunity to work on my self-discipline and continuity aspects and ward off I will do it tomorrow feelings. <fingers crossed>

Looking forward to April’s Pandora box!


Unspoken Words

a friend praised sweetly about my medal
filled with joy, I thanked him in ample!
heard him say behind, the show was a gamble
it made me sad with a hurtful baffle.
beyond the visible is indeed an invisible!

Fair February – Great things never come from comfort zones!

February was a mixed bag of good and bad for me. It was a sine wave journey throughout the month with opportunities to take up new challenges, take a step back to reassess where I went wrong, sad demise of my uncle and the hope of listening to an unexpected tunes of tomorrow.

Family & Friends: My maternal uncle who was a great person, simple and with a helping nature suffered a few days in ICU and finally decided to leave us all. He was a great man and my family has high respect for him. My sons are going through some challenging days at their school which is bothering me, but having confidence in their thriving abilities and the support from us & teachers, they should soon conquer the fears and shine. Seeing a better tomorrow has always been helpful to me and works miracles. Made new friends at office who are no where closer to my age group but still it is a pleasant feeling. I remember a quote saying “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter”. I am learning from the vast experiences of the senior group and enjoying the fun and carefree nature of the junior ones – life is indeed a balancing act!
Work-o-holy: I got an opportunity to put on a new hat and take up brand new responsibilities at work. It is indeed a learn and do time and my experience from previous roles give me that strong platform to manage the hurdles. I am really thankful for this freshness in work! Trainings of all sorts have lined up with lots of travel. I particularly enjoy solo traveling – it is the time to meet strangers, have little talks and enjoy the new surroundings. Looking forward to the travel months of April & May!
Health: I have been blessed with good health and with Spring/Summer fast approaching, I am sure it will become better. Winter months take a toll on my health and my dates with my GP becomes frequent. I am glad the phase is soon going to end. 🙂 I have promised my soul to go strict on food habits and have a mindful eating.
Life essentials: I never shopped for any new clothes in February (happy)! Not that I am a shopping freak but tend to shop unnecessarily at times not only for me but also for my family! Looking forward to the yearly Kannadigas meetup in UK in March. It is the time when people from Karnataka who have now made their homes in UK come together and spend a day of togetherness, such meetups are very essential for those who are away from their motherland. It is such a commendable nature of human beings to form social circles where ever they live – social animals indeed!
Bliss: My steps in the blogging world have picked up their pace and I am very pleased with myself. I remembered the dialogue from the Bollywood movie “Jab We Met” where the female lead says ” I am my favourite”! Loving thyself is most important and crucial to all. Self challenges and striving to become a better version of ourselves is rewarding. Writing gratitude posts every month helps me to thank God for the numerous blessings I have and gradually overcome the feelings of hurt and sadness and free my heart and appreciate the wonder called life. Tree Love is an eternal love every living being should feel. Writing about trees is so refreshing and the lessons I try to intercept from them inspires me to become hopeful and have strength to face life. Writing to weekly/daily prompts often is fun and I enjoy the creativity it brings in.

To sum it all – February was jolly, good indeed!

Plant which chose to grow few selected leaves in different colour to enhance its beauty – little changes towards a beautiful life!

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Winter Wait

February just whizzed off! I have been hunting from tree to tree to find some inspiration to put my Tree Love in words. Being winter here all the trees pretty much have the same skeletal look. Initially I would feel sad and drained out looking at their forlorn faces, hands and legs. I, so look forward to Spring and Summer just to experience the beautiful blooms everywhere.

Tree smiling in Moscow’s winter!

Then, it so happened one of my primary class friend who lives in Moscow shared few pictures of random trees there. With snow everywhere in Moscow, the trees looked magnificent to me! After rambling a bit while commuting to work, I realised even though it was winter in both the continents, Moscow tree had a look of hope. After carefully looking at the trees in my place, I did spot the same zeal of life and patience spread all over. Truly there are so many lessons we can learn from nature. Even these skeletal trees stood with patience facing the harsh weather because somewhere deep within the tree of winter, there is still life that produced last spring’s beautiful lush green leaves! Such a simple yet strong message to cultivate patience and hope for a better tomorrow from trees of winter.

I would love to hear if anybody has been fascinated by the trees during winter and in what ways? Let’s keep spreading #TreeLove everywhere!

Joyous Jack fruit!

A huge, green, thorny fruit comes into our mind! Ugly at the first look, hard, sticky & messy to cut, gives out a strange smell. So many minus points about a fruit! But, I am very sure that anybody who has eaten this divine fruit and knows the taste and benefits of the Jack fruit tree, leaves, unripe fruits, etc. will definitely not mind the ugly look nor the pungent smell.
I always imagine this fruit to be so closely associated with the nature of human beings. We are so stubborn, harsh, egoistic to fellow human beings at times, but only the ones who are close to us know that the harsh looking, attitude venting person is actually the one with soft and pleasing nature in reality. Time and again, it has been proved not to judge anybody by face value but instead look at their actions to really know a person. Such a powerful lesson by this fruit increases my respect and love to it.
“Jack fruit could be one of the most promising solutions for sustainably feeding the world” – i was inspired to write about my love to Jack fruit tree after reading this quote in an article. It is said that a single jack fruit tree can grow about 100 to 200 fruits in a year – wow! that is a massive count! Imagine how many poor people, tribals and animals’ hunger could be filled by this fruit!
I took this photo on an International Yoga Day when I happened to attend a yoga event in an ashram in the outskirts of Bengaluru. I was so awed by the tree and its fruits lying on the ground so humbly. I felt so small in front of this tree, such a sweet tree bearing divine fruits, yet the fruits don’t mind lying on the ground. There is a lesson we can learn from every tree which bears fruit, gives shade even after withstanding the harsh climate, torture by human beings and the impact of fast-growing concrete cities.
As a child I always loved eating Jack fruit and waited for the season eagerly. My mother used to tell stories about how jack fruits mixed with honey are the favourite food of Bears. Being a dreamer, I used to imagine a big bear tearing a jack fruit to remove the pulp and mix it with honey from a buzzing honey comb in a wild forest and slowly relishing it! Hmmm… what a delicious sight! I have even tried eating jack fruits mixing it with honey to experience the taste. 🙂
With or without honey, jack fruits are truly the sweetest of fruits. I recently came across the fact that the dried mature leaves of jack fruit are made into tea powder which helps in controlling asthma to great extent. There are so many benefits of this tree including some research on cancer cure available on the internet. It is such a pleasant feeling to know that Jack fruits originated in India (discovery of ZERO being the next!!) before spreading to other countries.
This is my first write-up to share my immense love towards trees. It is a great & peaceful feeling to begin my journey of sharing #TreeLove on this Valentine’s Day!

Written for Parul’s prompt on #ThursdayTreeLove-57 : photo-feature about trees hosted on 2nd and 4th Thursdays every month

Gratitude: January Joys – Feels good to be lost in the right direction

It was a speedy January for me. The first half of the month i spent in Bengaluru, my Janma Bhoomi (Janma=birth, Bhoomi= land) visiting relatives and friends and enjoying the annual holidays. The weather was very pleasant with around 18 degrees during the day. I always feel proud to be a native Bengalurian. All good things come to an end very soon and so did my holiday season. Within the blink of an eye, I was already boarding the flight to return to my Karma Bhoomi (Karma=actions or existence, Bhoomi=land). It was an interesting journey from 20 degrees to 1 Degree Centigrade. Over the years, I have begun to love my karma bhoomi and made this my home with some good friends. I passionately believe in the simple equation – be good and do good to attract good people.
Though i have read several blogs, I am very new to this real blogging world. The idea of showing my gratitude at the end of each month made me joyous and this is my first ever gratitude collection. Hoping to make this a regular habit and to increase my count of blessings!
Parents Love – I could spend few weeks with my parents and took them to visit a couple of relatives and temples. I could feel their happiness to see me. I always feel guilty for being not able to stay close to them. We naturally look forward to these annual holidays. Celebrated Sankranti, harvest festival with them and had hoards of laughing speaking this and that.
Family – My twin boys K1 & K2 had good time with their school friends and got to celebrate the New Year’s eve with friends as well. It was a new experience for them. The boys watched few movies during the stay and visited relatives. It was amazing to watch how both of them could get along with their cousins, aunts and uncles and very easily indulge in casual and formal talks. Children do grow up! MKR had a bonus gala time spending in his native place visiting more relatives and friends.
Life essentials – My work had some unusual turns but i am 200% sure it is for good. So no regrets, but actually am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities. Money is the dear thing whether it is for rich or poor – received a surprisingly pleasant news with regards to money. I had relaxing and meaningful get-together with friends, although regret not meeting few of them.
Health – my lengthy health assessment in the respiratory clinic was a relief with nothing great to worry about. I promised myself to pay more attention to my health and adopt some natural & healthy life styles. It is amazing how every little to-be bad thing will bring in changes into our lives to become a better version of self.
Bliss – I joined the world of blogging!! Credits to my ever inspiring friend Shilpa! She can talk like 300 wpm but listening to her suggestions has always led to a flood of positiveness in my life. Hence when she urged me to blog and gave examples, i simply jumped into this ocean. Writing and reading has always been my true friends right from childhood. I have taken some baby steps writing some one and a half posts so far and i already feel so stress-free and accomplished. I aim to continue this journey of connecting my mind and eyes. Good to read and understand others perspectives as well. Shilpa! I owe you one.

Beauty and Bliss!

Ending note: The company of good friends, perhaps at a group activity or festival of some kind, contributes to a powerful feeling of good health, good fortune, and happiness. Enjoying this festival of reading and writing!

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Being Human! #FridayFictoneer

Nick, Naveen and Nadeem, friends from high school days, settled on their easy chairs to watch sunset in the mysterious desert of Arizona.

Nick pointed towards the tribal habitat “Wonder how people live primitively in this Tech era?”

Nadeem quipped “Mate, never forget we live on earth with untold tales”

Suddenly, a loud roar was heard. Without sparing a second, they took off their heels towards the tribal huts. None of the smart phones or tablets had any solution for their situation.

Reaching the hut, Naveen sighed, “Primitive or civilized, it is important to be social-animals!”

Word Count: 100

This is an effort to write a flash fiction for the Friday Fictioneer, 01st, Feb, 2019, using picture prompt provided by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Photo Prompt : Renee Heath