Colourful Trees

When we hear the word Tree, we imagine a big one with a brownish bark and graceful branches full of green leaves spead out like an umbrella. But nature is pretty fashion conscious and is creative enough to let the trees grow in all possible shapes and sizes.

I have slacked off during the previous weeks by not writing tree love posts. However, I have been appreciating and expressing my reverence in my own little ways – I visited places where treess are in plenty rather than malls or sky scrapers. I have lost myself admiring the peace of the nature and educating my sons and colleagues when possible about the happiness we get when we cherish trees. Whilst being closer to the nature, I observed that trees not only come in sizes and shapes but also in different colours! How beautiful is that? I managed to get some photos clicked of such colourful trees and very happy to share it with others.

hues of red!
white tree!
pink tree – spot the green leaves playing hide and seek adding in beauty!
maroon? red? muave? 🙂
Brown tree with Mohabbatein (leaves shown in hindi movie) leaves!
Yellow tree!

Do you also have photos of beautiful coloured trees from your gardens or galleries? Please do share it here and let all the readers enjoy them.

This post is written to commemorate my celebration of trees. Thursday Tree love is a photo feature hosted by Parul on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

7 thoughts on “Colourful Trees

  1. Gorgeous trees and so many colors together. Glad you shared this and did not slack again 😉
    I also love trees that have such overload of colors. What a beauty they are!
    Thank you for joining Thursday Tree Love! I hope to see you back on the 22nd 🙂

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  2. Soon enough it will be fall where I live in the Northeast United States and we’ll have plenty of colorful trees. Our two big seasons for color are spring (flowers) and fall (leaves) Enjoyed your selections and wondering if the colored leaves are all the time the leaves are on, or just fall color like ours.

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