Kidney care

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Kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs on either side of spine, behind the belly. Each kidney is about roughly the size of a large fist. Blood filtering is done by the kidneys by removing wastes and maintaining the fluid balance of the body. Kidneys also keep the bones strong and healthy.

Kidneys are vital organs to the overall health, so it’s important to look after them. Kidney stones, kidney failure due to diabetes and high blood pressures and cysts in kidney are some of the common kidney diseases which can prove fatal. When blood stops flowing into the kidney, it could lead to failure and death. Hence it is very important to take good care of kidneys. Dialysis is the blood filtering procedure which can partially replicate the functions of the kidney during kidney failures. Dialysis can be inconvenient, painful and time-consuming, so a much preferred treatment of kidney transplant is considered when possible.

Few simple lifestyle steps can help keep kidneys in good shape –

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • stop excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
  • drink lots of water – drinking plenty of fluid will help kidneys function properly
  • it is important not to withhold urine for longer durations
  • maintain an ideal blood pressure (between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg)
  • include a balanced diet in daily intake
  • be careful when taking over-the-counter medicines – pain relievers and cold medicines can damage kidneys if taken for a long time, always consult GP and avoid prolonged self-medications

We can keep the kidneys healthy and fit by following the above pointers and by having regular checkups.

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