Winter Wait

February just whizzed off! I have been hunting from tree to tree to find some inspiration to put my Tree Love in words. Being winter here all the trees pretty much have the same skeletal look. Initially I would feel sad and drained out looking at their forlorn faces, hands and legs. I, so look forward to Spring and Summer just to experience the beautiful blooms everywhere.

Tree smiling in Moscow’s winter!

Then, it so happened one of my primary class friend who lives in Moscow shared few pictures of random trees there. With snow everywhere in Moscow, the trees looked magnificent to me! After rambling a bit while commuting to work, I realised even though it was winter in both the continents, Moscow tree had a look of hope. After carefully looking at the trees in my place, I did spot the same zeal of life and patience spread all over. Truly there are so many lessons we can learn from nature. Even these skeletal trees stood with patience facing the harsh weather because somewhere deep within the tree of winter, there is still life that produced last spring’s beautiful lush green leaves! Such a simple yet strong message to cultivate patience and hope for a better tomorrow from trees of winter.

I would love to hear if anybody has been fascinated by the trees during winter and in what ways? Let’s keep spreading #TreeLove everywhere!

7 thoughts on “Winter Wait

  1. It’s all in the way we look. I have seen some gorgeous trees (through Thursday Tree Love) from winters and snow at around.During such a weather, trees symbolize strength. So much they withstand and then bloom when the time comes. Glad you chose to join, Anjana. The pictures are beautiful.


  2. I do think winter trees with bare branches look depressing especially when the whole world looks grey and cold. But it’s strange how you found a winter tree from Moscow less gloomy. Perhaps because it is not in your backyard?


  3. I love trees, and for me the tree without leaves looks very artistic and fascinating as it reminds me of emptiness, time for introspection and i see that as something temporary; as the season will change.


  4. I live in upstate New York, and while we don’t have the harsh winters of Moscow, we are quite familiar with snow and dormant trees. I think the “skeletons” have their own special personality. I am enjoying the last days/week before budbreak – the sap is running and the top branches of trees are glowing red – it has its own beauty.


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