Beating Boredom!

Boredom is an universal experience of all human beings. Almost everyone suffers from it in their course of lives.
One day when this deadly disease attacked me and I imagined I was at the end of the world doing nothing, I did some serious thinking on boredom. My self healing process to get rid of boredom was to know more about boredom. This did work wonders and the matters that I uncovered as a result were too boring, as everybody would surely be aware of them.
People like to list things is what I have heard and so I listed down few reasons of why we suffer from boredom.

B – Blockheadedness: stupidity sometimes motivates us to take a back seat and invite boredom for a date! Imagine we are in a group of ‘highly intelligent’ people ( warning: intelligence can be measured as per the circumstances!) and unable to make sense of their discussions filled with facts and numbers and rules and theories etc., boredom is definitely going to take its incarnation.
O – Office induced boredom: at one phase of time, I used to cry and drag my feet to office. It was the time when the project was going in circles and client kept asking for changes, more changes and some more changes in the software which finally was never released. Everyone of us must have surely felt the pinch of office induced boredom at some time. If not always atleast on Mondays!
R – Romantic boredom: Few years back, one of my friend was deeply in love and was floating on the ninth cloud. Every day we would witness her endless praises about her boyfriend, description of the places they visited and display of the “thoughtful” gifts she received. It was fun initially, but it started boring and soon we would all find excuses to miss this meaningful conversations. The same feeling holds good when a mother speaks of her child day in and day out explaining how smart or cute her dear baby is. One must know when to put a full stop else boredom quickly puts on its royal hat.
E – expressionless communications: human beings are naturally talented to act, sing and talk (whether it is in bathrooms or in front of a group is again a separate debatable topic). But there are people who can talk at lengths in the same tone standing in the same position. God bless the others who pretend listening to such talks when in reality boredom is seen dancing behind them. Yawn!! Some college lectures are good examples maybe.
D – Depression: this is actually a serious thing to worry about. Depressed people tend to become introverts and get into their quiet corners and such quiet corners are the most-liked holiday spot for boredom.
O – Other facts:
* clean-syndrome – whenever my mom used to ask me to clean my table or wardrobe, I would drown myself in the land of boredom. Cleaning is the most boring of tasks (OCDs are excluded in this list). Thinking of it now, I feel this kind of boredom is actually situational as it is a very effective reason to put off with the Herculean task of cleaning stuff.
* fatigue- this is one of the effects of hard word maybe?! When I am fatigued, I simply cannot lift my little finger too or simply put I am bored.
* genetic – no jokes, this is true. This is genetically transmitted trait which people (mostly seen in menfolk, not to be taken personally) take pride in exhibiting for generations to come.
* unengaged mind – this state can be very well explained with the tweaked idiom, An idle mind is boredom’s workshop!
* allergic to people – when we go through the phase of avoiding people and trying to remain aloof, boredom gets a quick signal of the situation and it arrives within no time at our doorsteps.
M – machinelike attitude: Mostly seen in modern era surrounded by computers and other smart (not-so) gadgets. The other day I told a funny joke to my son who was lost in his world of mobile. The only reaction I got from him is he just raised his eyebrows without even looking at me. I asked him why he can’t be normal and laugh or smile or atleast say it was a bad joke. He displayed heights of boredom by continuing to tap away on his mobile not even his eyebrows moved this time. I sighed thinking the more we use machines, the more we become them.

There goes my list of B-O-R-E-D-O-M reasons. Feel free to add more, great way to get rid of boredom!

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