Evergreen Pine

Learn character from trees, values from roots and change from leaves

From a tiny seed to a mighty tree, there is always a lesson we can learn from trees. Trees grow hundreds of pretty, delicate leaves which add beauty to mother nature. But come Winter, the same trees simply let go of all those leaves and calmly wait for the new ones to grow in Spring. Lesson to let go of things is very much needed to mankind in this fast-paced life. Yesterday when I was having lunch I realised that I haven’t still written a post to express my Tree Love yet. This is a biweekly photo feature posts on trees which is run by Parul. I am so caught up in A2Z Challenge that I have started keeping a note pad near me to jot down ideas and points to include in my upcoming blogs. I don’t hesitate to ask my colleagues to suggest me a topic starting with letter G or K or X. Such is the intensity of alphabet syndrome in me. I am so thoroughly enjoying April twirls!

I went for a short walk in search of a cool tree for my post. Being early days of Spring, trees in my place are yet to grow their leaves. When I had almost given up my my search of that special tree which would catch my attention, I noticed a tree with green leaves round the corner. I quickly went closer and found it is the dear old Pine tree. Which other tree has so much of strength and endurance to smile & remain green even in the harsh winter? I was so excited that I clicked few pictures of the tree for my post. Pine trees are coniferous trees which represents longevity, virtue, and solitude. It is considered as one of the “3 friends of Winter” – the other 2 trees being the bamboo and the plum. Pine, Bamboo and the Plum trees are known to remain green during Winter and so the name. Pines are a popular symbol of the New Year as it represents longevity and prosperity. Pine wood, cones, resins and oil extracts of the tree are very expensive and has high demands for commercial purposes.

Christmas trees (Fir) also belong to coniferous family. The fact that they are ever green and the tough bark’s strength allows them to hold all forms of decorations during the festive season, a Christmas without a tree is meaningless. Pine tree tattoos are very famous and the most chosen designs in the ink shops. Getting a tattoo of the tree of life is a symbol of immortality and eternity, knowledge and wisdom, strength and protection, abundance and growth, forgiveness and salvation! Who ever knew a Pine tree with its sharp needles, colourless cones and hard barks has so much of deeper meaning in it?

These days when we hear about global warming all over, creases appear on our foreheads. However, I feel so grateful towards the tall pine trees which has magical powers to minimize this global warming phenomenon. Recent scientific research has proved that the scented vapours coming off the pine trees turn into aerosols above the trees. These aerosol particles reflect sunlight back to space, helping clouds formation which in turn promotes cooling of atmosphere. So, Pine aroma not only keeps our rooms smelling fresh and cool, it also helps the whole world keep a lot cooler!

10 thoughts on “Evergreen Pine

  1. I love Pine trees and exactly for the reason you listed. They are evergreen and beautiful. Thank you for sharing that picture. It kind of filled my morning with a lot of green.
    Have a happy week ahead and see you on the 11th!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Pine trees are indeed tough fighters. Hope you have a lovely holiday and a holiday on a mountain sounds great! Will wait for all the trees pictures from you. 🙂


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