Lost things.

I had kept it here only…

My peace of mind goes unstable when I lose my things or often tend to forget where I had actually left them. There are times when I am unable to sleep thinking about where I lost my stuff. Research says that it is not the things that are lost, but rather we are lost and hence unable to find them. The supposedly lost item remains where it was originally placed. Few points to follow when we lose our stuff-

  • Calm down
  • Retrace the route you took
  • check the usual areas where the things were kept usually
  • ask friends, family members, colleagues etc to look for the item
  • visit the lost and found section if the thing is lost in a public place
  • post notices about the lost item and request help who find it to return to front desk or give your contact details
  • Be prepared mentally to understand that it is not the end of the world and tomorrow will still come, & finally
  • learn your lesson and try to be more conscious when placing things

Best way to avoid losing things and then wasting time and energy searching for the same is be a little organized. Allocate a designated place to keep your things – for e.g. all the keys should be placed on the key holders, use post-it notes to make note of small things because such small things are more prone to get out of our memory banks and cause disruptions.

There is no fun in losing things and then worry about finding them. Instead being a bit more mindful and careful helps us make better use of our time in our daily rush!

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