When I joined the world of blogging during late January this year, I was struggling a lot to get a decent look on my site. I usually take part in a few daily/weekly/monthly prompt challenges which introduced me to this pingback concept. However, it did take me a few times of trials to understand how it works. Adding a comment was quite easy to me as almost all the social network allows us to comment on others messages. However, I struggled to understand the concept of a “pingback”. So what is a pingback? Are pingbacks helpful in getting the blogs recognised by the internet search engines?

It is interesting to know that the pingbacks are specific to word press. Just like the comments, we can use pingbacks to link our posts to other blogs. By default these pingbacks are created automatically when we link our post to another blog’s post.

Internet definition of PingBack: A pingback is a special type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post, as long as the other blog is set to accept pingbacks. To create a pingback, just link to another WordPress blog post from within a blog post or a page on your own site. If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section.

Some bloggers have the ping backs disabled and you can only add your comment on their post by proving you are an authorized person having a valid login on the wordpress. While pingbacks sound good, spammers & hackers have found a way to abuse the pingback. If you have automatic pingbacks set up on your blog, any site that links to you will get a link back to their site right on your blog post. How very irritating that could be?? Such spam oriented pingbacks will have portray us in a compromised senses and make us not worthy of trust.

So, one has to be very careful in sending and receiving pingbacks. It could help grown your trusted network but at the other hand your data and those of others following your posts could be in the dangers of getting compromised. Staying vigilant to look out for suspicious pingbacks from and to our posts can help nip the problems at initial stages itself. Let’s stay safe and enjoy blogging and networking!

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