Trees and Us

It is winter in UK and the trees look barren and hopeful at the same time, eagerly waiting for the Spring. I was walking towards the GP for a consultation and saw this amazing tree. It was huge and bold and seemed to tell me “I am happy!”. I clicked few photos and then turned around to see many more trees which had such similar looks. I could not make out the species of the tree. They all look same except for the sizes. Just couldn’t help associate this picture with the human skeletons. By looking at the skeletons, a normal person can never identify the name, caste or ethnicity of the person it belongs to.

Got this pic from the internet which inspired me to write this post.

Only difference being, skeletons remain as skeletons but the winter trees spring to new life each year. Blessed indeed! 🙂

As human beings having the intelligence and the ability to think, perhaps living for the moment, enjoying the simple joys amidst the nature is the best possible strategy to follow.

Thanks to Parul for organising the Thursday Tree love which is a photo feature blog hosted on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

7 thoughts on “Trees and Us

  1. What a lovely tree and so tall. I loved your analogy and that picture you got from internet. True that we are nothing but the same skeleton.
    Thanks for joining, Anjana and I hope to see you on the 12th. Until then, take care!


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